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    The Most Popular Dishes at Chengdu Taste

    The cumin lamb on toothpicks is one of the most popular dishes at Chengdu Taste, and rightly so. The dish is prepared to perfection and features perfectly spiced bites of lamb shoulder. Just like the wanton, you’ll want to make another order as soon as you’re done with your first order of cumin lamb.

    The braised fish with silky tofu and chilli oil is also a fantastic choice. The flavour and spice levels are well-balanced and promise a delightful experience. While fantastic, the braised fish would find a tough time against the cumin lamb.

    The crisped rice and shrimp is quite an exciting affair and nothing like what you would expect. The rice is more puffed than crispy, and just like all the other selections on Chengdu Taste’s menu, this dish features a perfect balance of spices. The shrimp is made to perfection and leaves you craving for more.

    One selection that visitors overlook when they first visit Chengdu Taste is fried rice. However, you should definitely try out the fried rice. It will blow your mind away. Everything about the fried rice is perfect, from the texture to the spices and flavour. It is fried rice so you wouldn’t expect it to be a life-changing experience. However, what you can expect is that this is hands down the best fried rice you have ever had, and it complements the rest of the meal quite nicely.

    The chicken chunks fried with pepper and coated with tangy, delicious sauce filled with hot green chillies are also a must-try.

    When you order for a boiled fish with green pepper sauce and Numb-Taste Wonton, the waiter will probably serve you with the boiled fish first which comprises a huge dish of fillets inside a broth with sliced Serrano chiles, a plentiful amount of Sichuan peppercorns as well as a handful of peppery oil, since they believe that the sauce on the delicate, fluffy dumplings will ravage your capacity to appreciate the subtleties of the fish. Although the fabulously soft fish is quite numbing, it is the effect produced by the peppercorns that really brings out the flavour of the chiles and the fillets. The taste darts around your tongue and lips, creating a unique vibrancy similar to a Las Vegas sign. Like a mysteriously exciting blow in the mouth, the Wonton and pepper sauce ravages anything standing in its way. They say that Sichuan pepper alleviates tooth pain, and there’s no arguing with that.

    You might find Chengdu Taste restaurant to be quite uncompromising. Even a single touch of a to-go container’s broth condensation can evoke a unique sensation on your hands that last for about 30 minutes. A lot of people find pleasure in this kind of sensation, and Chengdu Taste is one of the Chinese restaurants with the highest profiles in America.

    Most restaurant critics in Las Vegas are in love with Chengdu Taste. Quite recently a New-York based writer declared Chengdu Taste to be hands -down the best Sichuan restaurant in America. Although there are a number of restaurants in the United States offering Sichuan-style dishes, none of them is more ambitious than Chengdu Taste. Since 2013 when chef Tony Xu launched the establishment, he has never looked back. Xu’s expansion to Las Vegas was a smart move that builds on the success of the entire Chengdu Taste establishment. It comes as no surprise that other Los Angeles based Chinese restaurants have also decided to venture into Las Vegas.

    If you would like the best Sichuan experience in Las Vegas, no place beats Chengdu Taste. The restaurant excels in authenticity and balancing of spices. Chengdu Taste offers a rich selection of delicious meals which are difficult to exhaust, and you will find that there’s always something new to try out every time you visit this fantastic restaurant. However, ensure that you try out the cumin lamb first. Whether you are native Chinese, Chinese American, or simply want to experience Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu Taste is the place to be.

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    Welcome to Chengdu Taste

    If you like exploring local Chinese restaurants, you have probably heard a thing or two about Chengdu Taste. Chengdu Taste is a new restaurant that makes meals that are native to the Chinese city of Chengdu. Since it was established, it has been acclaimed as one of the best Sichuan restaurants in America.

    Before expanding to Las Vegas, Chengdu Taste was located on the space where Alhambra Shanghainese restaurant had been for years. The latter Chinese restaurant neither displayed its English name, Wok and Noodle, on the restaurant’s menu nor the storefront. Wok and Noodle specialized in offering a distinctive version of Classical eastern Chinese cuisine to a generation much older than the typical patrons that occupy San Gabriel valley eateries. If you are a Chinese-American who regularly went to Half and Half and Luscious Dumplings, then this is most likely the eatery where your folks enjoyed seaweed-fried fish and pork knuckles. Wok and Noodle was quite a likeable place. You could easily have thought that the storefront was a typewriter repairing store. After some years, Wok and Noodle Changed his name to Golden Shanghai, but not a lot of people realized it. The establishment of Chengdu Taste brought a significant practical transformation to the former establishment and has since expanded to Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Chengdu Taste features a dining area that has been lightened and streamlined, decorated using red paint, coffee cup embellished chairs and is a little bit opened up to the streets. It is the sleekest you can get to a Valley Boulevard storefront. If your Sichuan food experience is mainly from Chongqing-style eateries that have recently popped out in the San Gabriel Valley, then you’ll probably appreciate what Chengdu Taste has to offer. Chengdu-style cooking is a bit cleaner, lighter and not likely to wake you up in the wee hours of the morning with chile-oil caused nightmares. Since it’s Chinese cuisine, it’s still a bit spicy. It is flavoured using a variety of dried, fresh, pickled and ground chiles. Interestingly, Sichuan peppercorn rich aroma comes to the front of a few dishes creating a powerful sensation in dishes such as the chile-accentuated noodles prepared in room temperature referred to as dan dan mian and the sliced beef inside chile oil known as fu qi fei pian.