The Holy Trinity of Spring Onion, Garlic & Ginger

The Chinese are no longer religious folks, but religion has stayed in their cooking. The worship of spring onion, garlic, and ginger is commonplace in any Chinese kitchen. Without them you can’t cook real Chinese food, however, nowadays these three ingredients are readily available in most supermarkets all over the developed world.

If you are not familiar with these ingredients, just try them and fall in love with them! After all, Chinese cooking skills are one of the world’s oldest, and its influence has affected the rest of the world. A massive country where different areas, climates, and habitats all share the goal of bringing harmony through the kitchen. Through color, through form, and the holy trinity of these three ingredients, used as the basis of all Chinese food. So let’s call upon the gods and enjoy this ritual for a well-balanced taste and experience. If it wasn’t the Chinese who first said “we are what we eat” I would be surprised.

Something that still prevails in Chinese culture is the attempt to live a long life. Living a healthier lifestyle and eating a healthy diet is one of the many ways to prolong one’s life and further delay the need for long-term care along with exercise and daily mental health activities. You will find that in the Chinese culture, they regularly put these health choices into their daily way of living and have managed to live longer without needing long-term care services. Despite the doom and gloom of disastrous food ethics in China, portrayed by the western media. If the Chinese can afford it, they will buy the healthiest and best ingredients. Unfortunately, not everyone can jump on the bandwagon. 

The Chinese restaurants spread around the world commonly have a very modest variety of dishes. So if you didn’t eat in a restaurant in China, it is likely that you have no real concept of what Chinese cooking is. Thus, we will attempt to break the mold and show you some of the most intriguing foods we can find, along with the old-time favorites. Plus discuss some of the concepts of cooking the beast!

Chinese Cooking Doesn’t Need to Be Hard

We have some good news for all the food lovers out there. Anyone who told you that Chinese cooking is hard was lying to you! We set out to reveal the secrets to easy, simple, and delicious Chinese cooking! From the country of 4000-year-old noodles, they can’t be wrong about their cooking.

So please stay tuned as we go over the basics for you. And prepare to accept the teachings of the Chinese cleaver!