Chengdu Taste,  Menu

Chengdu’s Offerings On Full Display

Chengdu Taste is an exquisite dining destination. It always features an exciting scene. When you visit Chengdu Taste during the weekend, you are likely to see the place packed with tour buses with Chinese patrons who are eager to eat frog and tofu mousse in spicy sauce, or cumin lamb using toothpicks. The weekdays are similarly exciting. If you make a trip to Chengdu Taste during any day of the week, the chances are that you will have a spectacular time at the communal table enjoying your boiled fish and green pepper or any of the other amazing selections that Chengdu Taste has to offer.

While at Chengdu Taste, it hits you that majority of the Chinese families in the dining area are having such a great time with their hot pot and may want to indulge yourself in the large metal dishes of sliced pig intestines, cubes of congealed blood and gizzards on your way to cauliflower. However, if this is not the meal for you, you need not worry since there is a variety of other meals you can try.

Chengdu Taste’s menu offers a variety of dishes you can indulge in. You will soon realize that five or six trips are not sufficient to exhaust all the items on the menu. One of the spiciest selections at Chengdu Taste is the mala, which is created using a combination of Sichuan peppercorns chilli oil and potent papers. This dish is something that makes you tingly and unhesitant to mingle. Robert Sietsema, a New York writer, put it best, “it’s sort of like your mouth is suddenly on LSD” It’s quite a unique feeling when you are numb, but your entire senses are elevated, and the only thing you want to do is eat more. The rush is quite addictive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Schezuan-inspired Chengdu Taste is setting Las Vegas’ Chinatown on fire.

The Wonton with spicy chilli is one of the best you can find in America. It features a perfect balance of spicy-sweet tingly delight. You will easily find yourself ordering another Wonton as soon as you are done with your first.

If you have never had mung bean jelly with chilli oil, then a trip to Chengdu Taste is all you need. The mung bean jelly dish with chilli oil features tender strands of udon noodles that look like mung bean jelly. Veterans and non-veterans of this type of dish will appreciate the excellent way it is made.

Sliced beef and shrimp salad with chilli oil is another excellent option at Chengdu taste. The only thing that you will find close to this dish anywhere else is at Nan Xiang restaurant. However, the two versions are quite different. While Chengdu Taste’s version is nuanced and perfectly balanced, the Nan Xiang version is a bit more flavorful and spicy.